Hey there #KrybGang!

I'm super excited to finally showcase and launch this collaboration apparel with FLARE. I've wanted to come out with some merch for everyone to rep, and I've always wanted it to be something different from the average 'merch'. With this reflective apparel, I couldn't be happier with the results and this is only the start. I will be coming up with more killer designs in the future to build on the collection so everyone around you knows you rock with the Kryb. 

My diamond symbol you see throughout all the designs and in my logo represents a much bigger picture relating to bringing unity to us all. Each and every one of you shines in their own way, and you need to let the world see that light within you. There will be a deeper explanation on my Instagram talking about what I am trying to bring to the community and music scene about what the Krybtonite brand really represents for myself, and for everyone.

Thank you for at least checking out what's available and if you decide to join the gang and purchase anything here, be sure to make a post on IG repping your new gear using the tag #KrybGang or #TheKryb, and also tag me so I can see it, I will 100% share your post via my own page!



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